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The Variant Effect

  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Author: G. Wells Taylor
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages: 306

Read and download free Book intituled The Variant Effect in format PDF written by By G. Wells Taylor.

VARION was a popular medication that could cure anything from Anxiety and Depression to Schizophrenia and Zoophagia. Everybody took it back in the day, because there were no side effects… …AT FIRST. By the time they learned about the Variant Effect it was too late. The old building in a rundown part of Metro was a perfect place to find a body, but they wouldn't have dragged Joe Borland out of retirement if it still had its skin. It's been 20 years since Borland battled the Variant Effect, and 20 since he let his partner get skinned alive. Now both of them are ordered back into action to meet a terrifying new threat.

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The Variant Effect

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