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The C++ Hackers Guide

  • Category: C++ Programming
  • Author: Steve Oualline
  • Pages: 256 pages
  • File type: Multiple Formats: PDF (231 pages, 23.55 MB), and Open Office

Read and download free eBook intituled The C++ Hackers Guide in format Multiple Formats: PDF (231 pages, 23.55 MB), and Open Office – 256 pages created by Steve Oualline.

An experienced programmer accumulates a set of tools, tricks, and techniques to make his or her programs better.

C++ Hacker’s Guide collects more than 120 of the best C++ veteran secrets and puts them in one accessible place. The techniques presented have all been used in actual programs, and more importantly, have made actual programs better.

Full of real world, highly useful information, this book offers a career’s worth of knowledge to round out any C++ programmer’s repertoire. Topics include strategies to make code more memory safe, debuggable, efficient, and maintainable.

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The C++ Hackers Guide

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