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Text Processing in Python

  • Category: Python Programming
  • Author: David Mertz
  • Pages: 544 pages
  • File type: Online4, PDF

Read and download free eBook intituled Text Processing in Python in format Online4, PDF – 544 pages created by David Mertz.

Book Description

This book is an example-driven, hands-on tutorial that carefully teaches programmers how to accomplish numerous text processing tasks using the Python language. Filled with concrete examples, this book provides efficient and effective solutions to specific text processing problems and practical strategies for dealing with all types of text processing challenges.

It begins with an introduction to text processing and contains a quick Python tutorial to get you up to speed. It then delves into essential text processing subject areas, including string operations, regular expressions, parsers and state machines, and Internet tools and techniques. Appendixes cover such important topics as data compression and Unicode. A comprehensive index and plentiful cross-referencing offer easy access to available information. In addition, exercises throughout the book provide readers with further opportunity to hone their skills either on their own or in the classroom.

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Text Processing in Python



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