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Scratch Monkey

  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Author: Charles Stross
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages: 285

Read and download free Book intituled Scratch Monkey in format PDF written by By Charles Stross.

There are standard methods for lifting material out of brains. Everyone, everywhere in human space, is riddled with nanotech Dreamtime encoders. They're in the air, in the soil, in their cells and reproducing like bacteria. They constantly monitor cerebral activity, transmitting updates of their host personality to the encoders, that upload minds into the Dreamtime when their bodies cease to support them. It even makes a neat debriefing tool, if you have the equipment to interrogate the brain encoders directly. (Only Distant Intervention, that I know of, is allowed to play with this kind of kit.)

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Scratch Monkey

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