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Programming Windows Phone 7

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Charles Petzold
  • Pages: : 448 pages
  • File type: : PDF (38.6 MB), ePub, MOBI

Read and download free eBook intituled Programming Windows Phone 7 in format : PDF (38.6 MB), ePub, MOBI – : 448 pages created by Charles Petzold.

Get started building your own apps and utilities for Windows Phone 7 – expertly guided by award-winning author Charles Petzold. Focusing on Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and the C# language, you’ll learn how to extend your existing skills to this new mobile platform – mastering the core tools and techniques you need to get productive quickly. As always, Charles brings a unique combination of pragmatism and inspiration to his instruction – along with a wealth of hands-on examples.

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Programming Windows Phone 7

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