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JavaScript Essentials

  • Category: JavaScript Programming
  • Author: Neil Smyth

Read and download free eBook intituled JavaScript Essentials in format created by Neil Smyth.

Book Description

The purpose of this book is to provide the essentials of JavaScript so that anyone with a web site can use this powerful scripting language quickly and effectively without having to learn things that, whilst within the capabilities of JavaScript, aren’t actually needed by the average web designer. That said this book does not take any shortcuts. It provides detailed and in depth knowledge of all aspects of JavaScript from language basics through to advanced topics.

This book is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to follow, guide to developing powerful, dynamic web pages using JavaScript. It could be said that the object of JavaScript Essentials is to provide you with everything you need to use JavaScript, and nothing that you don’t.

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JavaScript Essentials


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