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JAVA 2 Network Security

  • Category: Java Programming
  • Author: Marco Pistoia, Pistoia, Deepak Gupta, Ashok Ramani
  • Pages: 250 pages
  • File type: HTML and PDF

Read and download free eBook intituled JAVA 2 Network Security in format HTML and PDF – 250 pages created by Marco Pistoia, Pistoia, Deepak Gupta, Ashok Ramani.

This book provides the complete insiders guide to securing Java 2 enterprise applications, with comprehensive coverage of the new Java 2 security models. Designed to help you integrate Java 2 into your enterprise security strategies.

The purpose of this book is to answer those questions, from the point of view of people who want to use Java, but want to do so reliably, securely and safely. That makes this book different from much recent writing on Java, which focuses, perfectly legitimately, on how a Java system can be broken into and how to avoid those dangers. On the contrary, this book focuses on how Java can be made secure and how to exploit its strengths. The goal is to provide practical help to the various groups involved in making a Java-based application or Web site into an industrial-strength commercial proposition.

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JAVA 2 Network Security

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