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Introduction to Statistical Thought

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Michael Lavine
  • Pages: 434 pages
  • File type: PDF, 475 page, 40.1 MB

Read and download free eBook intituled Introduction to Statistical Thought in format PDF, 475 page, 40.1 MB – 434 pages created by Michael Lavine.

The book is intended as an upper level undergraduate or introductory graduate textbook in statistical thinking with a likelihood emphasis for students with a good knowledge of calculus and the ability to think abstractly. By “statistical thinking” is meant a focus on ideas that statisticians care about as opposed to technical details of how to put those ideas into practice. The book does contain technical details, but they are not the focus. By “likelihood emphasis” is meant that the likelihood function and likelihood principle are unifying ideas throughout the text.

Another unusual aspect is the use of statistical software as a pedagogical tool. That is, instead of viewing the computer merely as a convenient and accurate calculating device, the book uses computer calculation and simulation as another way of explaining and helping readers understand the underlying concepts.

The book is written with the statistical language R embedded throughout.

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Introduction to Statistical Thought

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