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Introduction to Networking Technologies

  • Category: Networks
  • Author: Burnie Blakeley, Deborah J. Boyd, Steve Smith
  • Pages: 218 pages
  • File type: PDF

Read and download free eBook intituled Introduction to Networking Technologies in format PDF – 218 pages created by Burnie Blakeley, Deborah J. Boyd, Steve Smith.

There are many different computing and networking technologies — some available today, some just now emerging, some well-proven, some quite experimental. Understanding the computing dilemma more completely involves recognizing technologies; especially since a single technology by itself seldom suffices, and instead, multiple technologies are usually necessary.

This book describes a sampling of technologies of various types, by using a tutorial approach. It compares the technologies available in the three major technology areas: application support, transport networks, and subnetworking. In addition, the applicability of these technologies within a particular situation is illustrated using a set of typical customer situations.

This book can be used by consultants and system designers to better understand, from a business and technical perspective, the options available to solve customers’ networking problems.

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Introduction to Networking Technologies

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