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Game Theory Relaunched

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Hardy Hanappi
  • Pages: 344 pages
  • File type: PDF files, and a zipped PDF, 3.31 MB

Read and download free eBook intituled Game Theory Relaunched in format PDF files, and a zipped PDF, 3.31 MB – 344 pages created by Hardy Hanappi.

The game is on. Do you know how to play? Game theory sets out to explore what can be said about making decisions which go beyond accepting the rules of a game. Since 1942, a well elaborated mathematical apparatus has been developed to do so; but there is more. During the last three decades game theoretic reasoning has popped up in many other fields as well – from engineering to biology and psychology. New simulation tools and network analysis have made game theory omnipresent these days.

This book collects recent research papers in game theory, which come from diverse scientific communities all across the world; they combine many different fields like economics, politics, history, engineering, mathematics, physics, and psychology. All of them have as a common denominator some method of game theory. Enjoy.

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Game Theory Relaunched

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