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Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Richard Szeliski
  • Pages: 979 pages
  • File type: PDF (979 pages, 22.1 MB)

Read and download free eBook intituled Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications in format PDF (979 pages, 22.1 MB) – 979 pages created by Richard Szeliski.

As humans, we perceive the three-dimensional structure of the world around us with apparent ease. However, despite all of the recent advances in computer vision research, the dream of having a computer interpret an image at the same level as a two-year old remains elusive. Why is computer vision such a challenging problem, and what is the current state of the art?

Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications explores the variety of techniques commonly used to analyze and interpret images. It also describes challenging real-world applications where vision is being successfully used, both for specialized applications such as medical imaging and fun consumer-level tasks such as image editing and stitching, which students can apply to their own personal photos and videos.

More than just a source of “recipes”, this text/reference also takes a scientific approach to basic vision problems, formulating physical models of the imaging process before inverting this process to produce the best possible descriptions of a scene. Exercises are presented throughout the book, with a heavy emphasis on testing algorithms.

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Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications

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