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Co-creating Videogames

  • Category: Game
  • Author: John Banks
  • Pages: 200 pages
  • File type: HTML and PDF

Read and download free eBook intituled Co-creating Videogames in format HTML and PDF – 200 pages created by John Banks.

Co-creativity has become a significant cultural and economic phenomenon. Media consumers have become media producers. This book offers a rich description and analysis of the emerging participatory, co-creative relationships within the videogames industry. It discusses the challenges of incorporating these co-creative relationships into the development process. Drawing on a decade of research within the industry, the book gives us valuable insight into the continually changing and growing world of video games.

This book is that rare combination of significant access to the sites of videogame production and astute analysis that resists easy answers. His account of co-creative digital production shows how creativity, uncertainty, and value combine in the new economies (in the broad sense) that videogames have ushered onto the cultural landscape. A crucial contribution is his willingness to recognize the top-down elements of contrivance and design that inevitably shape the seemingly ‘bottom-up’ dynamics of digital cultural production.

This book belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested or invested in cultural production in the digital age.

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Co-creating Videogames

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