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Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, 3rd Edition

  • Category: Game
  • Author: Michael Dawson
  • Pages: 432 pages
  • File type: PDF (433 page, 4.2 MB), and HTML

Read and download free eBook intituled Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, 3rd Edition in format PDF (433 page, 4.2 MB), and HTML – 432 pages created by Michael Dawson.

This book approaches learning C++ from the unique and fun perspective of games. Written for the beginning game developer or programmer, the book assumes no previous programming experience and each new skill and concept is taught using simple language and step-by-step instructions. Readers will complete small projects in each chapter to reinforce what they’ve learned and a final project at the end combines all of the major topics covered in the book. Featuring twenty five percent new material, this third edition covers all the latest technology and advances.

What is it that sets games apart from other forms of entertainment, keeping players coming back for more? Interactivity. The ability to control the outcome. Programming is an integral part of that interactivity, and C++ is a vital skill in programming for games. Beginning C++ through Game Programming, Second Edition will provide you with the core skills you need to begin programming with C++ specifically as it relates to games. You’ll reinforce each new skill by creating small games along the way, and you’ll put these skills to the test with one ambitious game project at the end. By the time you finish, you’ll have a solid foundation in the programming language of the professionals!

Michael Dawson has worked as both a programmer and a computer game designer and producer. In addition to real world game industry experience, Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Currently, he teaches game programming in the Game Production Department of the Los Angeles Film School. Mike has also taught game programming to students through UCLA Extension and The Digital Media Academy at Stanford. He’s the author of three other books: Beginning C++ through Game Programming, Guide to Programming with Python, and C++ Projects: Programming with Text-Based Games. You can visit his website at to learn more or to get support for any of his books.

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Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, 3rd Edition

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