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An Introduction to Computer Networks

  • Category: Networks
  • Author: Peter Lars Dordal
  • License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
  • File type: HTML, PDF (726 pages, 5.73 MB), ePub

Read and download free eBook intituled An Introduction to Computer Networks in format HTML, PDF (726 pages, 5.73 MB), ePub created by Peter Lars Dordal.

This is a general-purpose textbook about computer networking, complete with diagrams and exercises. It is suitable as the primary text for an undergraduate or introductory graduate course in computer networking, or as a supplemental text for a wide variety of network-related courses.

The book presents basic principles and concepts, along with examples of current threats to illustrate how the principles can either enable or neutralize exploits. Students see the importance of these concepts in existing and future technologies. In a challenging yet enjoyable way, they learn about a variety of technical topics, including current security exploits, technical factors that enable attacks, and economic and social factors that determine the security of future systems.

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An Introduction to Computer Networks

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