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Web Service and SOA Technologies

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Glenn Hostetler, Sandor Hasznos
  • Pages: 208 pages

Read and download free eBook intituled Web Service and SOA Technologies in format – 208 pages created by Glenn Hostetler, Sandor Hasznos.

This is the online version of the corresponding printing, humorous manner, fun to read book. All the chapters are at least 99% same as the printing version.

This very insightful book devotes a chapter to each of several service oriented architecture (SOA) and web service-related technologies. For each chapter, an overview is given along with the strengths, weaknesses, alternatives and common mistakes for that technology. For example, there are chapters devoted to SOAs, Web Services, Enterprise Service Buses, BPEL, Governance, .Net, J2EE, Message Oriented Middleware, XML, REST and ROA, SOAP, WSRP and WSDL. There are also chapters on a number of other related technologies like HTTP, PHP, XML Schemas, HTML and horizontal and vertical scaling – each chapter emphasizing common mistakes that bring down SOA projects.

The book is chalked full of useful insights and pitfalls to avoid, but what makes the presentation truly unique is that each topic is presented in an engaging and humorous manner. Genuinely funny footnotes permeate the text and Dilbert-esque cartoons that make a point about each technology cause very boring topics to become palatable. If you’re a project manager or software architect who can’t name three ways technologies like… say… Web Services or XML threatens projects then you should buy this book. It’s also a good book to read to have something intelligent to say about popular technologies during job interviews and you’ll have a few chuckles along the way.

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Web Service and SOA Technologies


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