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Upgrading to PHP 7

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Davey Shafik
  • File type: PDF, ePub, and Kindle

Read and download free eBook intituled Upgrading to PHP 7 in format PDF, ePub, and Kindle created by Davey Shafik.

PHP 7 – the most dramatic update to the language in over a decade—has arrived. This O’Reilly report provides you with a short guide to the major changes in this new release, including a revamped engine (Zend Engine 3), a bunch of new features, and lots of language cleanup. You’ll learn about basic language changes, deprecated features, Unicode enhancements, changes in Object-Oriented programming, and other enhancements.

You’ll also discover why it’s taken more than 10 years for the first new major version of PHP since PHP 5 to appear—and what happened to version 6 in the meantime.

Get important details regarding changes to PHP 7, including:

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Upgrading to PHP 7

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