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TypeScript for C# Programmers

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Steve Fenton
  • File type: PDF (68 Pages, 775 KB), Kindle, etc.

Read and download free eBook intituled TypeScript for C# Programmers in format PDF (68 Pages, 775 KB), Kindle, etc. created by Steve Fenton.


This book is aimed at .NET programmers and explains key concepts as well as similarities and differences between TypeScript and C#. There is a quick start guide in the first chapter that introduces the syntax. The later chapters include deep dives into the type system, memory management, events and exceptions. – See more at:

Due to the popularity of the open web, JavaScript is becoming an essential language and since 2009 it has been running on servers too thanks to NodeJS. The problem is that due to JavaScript’s dynamic type system, it is hard to create great tooling around the language such as sensible auto-completion, refactoring support, type-checking and modularisation.

TypeScript is an open source lanaguage from Microsoft that solves this problem by introducing an optional type system and class-based object-orientation, which make great tooling for large applications possible.

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TypeScript for C# Programmers


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