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TouchDevelop – Programming on the Go

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann
  • License: CC BY 4.0
  • Pages: : 270
  • File type: : Multiple Formats: PDF (112 pqges, 11.8 MB), ePub, Mobi, and Kindle

Read and download free eBook intituled TouchDevelop – Programming on the Go in format : Multiple Formats: PDF (112 pqges, 11.8 MB), ePub, Mobi, and Kindle – : 270 created by R. Nigel Horspool, Nikolai Tillmann.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are set to become the main computersthat virtually all people will own and carry with them at all times. And yet,mobile devices are not yet used for all computing tasks. A project at MicrosoftResearch was created to answer a simple question: It is possible to createinteresting apps directly on a smartphone or tablet, without using a separatePC or a keyboard? The result is TouchDevelop, a programming environment thatruns on all modern mobile devices such as Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Androidphones and tablets, and also on PCs and Macs.

This book walks you through all of the screens of the TouchDevelop app, and it points out similarities and differences of the TouchDevelop language comparedto other programming languages. For users, the book can serve as a handy reference next to the phone. The book systematically addresses all programminglanguage constructs, starting from the very basic constructs such as variables and loops. The book also explores many of the phone sensors and data sources which make creating apps for mobile devices so rewarding.

If you are new to programming with TouchDevelop, or if you have not yet worked on touchscreen devices, we suggest that you read the book starting from Chapter1. If you are already familiar with the basic paradigm of the TouchDevelop programming environment, then feel free to jump ahead to the later chapters that address particular topic areas.

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TouchDevelop – Programming on the Go

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