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The Structure of Finite Algebras

  • Category: Mathematic
  • Author: D. Hobby and R. McKenzie
  • Pages: 212
  • File type: PDF

Read and download free Book intituled The Structure of Finite Algebras in format PDF written by D. Hobby and R. McKenzie.

This book covers the following topics: Basic concepts and notation, Tight lattices, Tame quotients, Abelian and solvable algebras, The structure of minimal algebras, The types of tame quotients, Labeled congruence lattices, Solvability and semi-distributivity, Congruence modular varieties, Malcev classification and omitting types, Residually small varieties, Decidable varieties, Free spectra, Tame algebras and E-minimal algebras, Simple algebras in varieties.

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The Structure of Finite Algebras


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