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PostgreSQL Tutorials

This tutorial offers readers a thorough overview of database basics, starting with an explanation of why you might need to use a PostgreSQL database, and following with a summary of what different database types have to offer when compared to alter

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O’Reilly Practical PostgreSQL

Arguably the most capable of all the open source databases, PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system first developed in 1977 by the University of California at Berkeley. In spite of its long history, this robust database suffer

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PostgreSQL Notes for Professionals

This book is the definitive guide to undocumented and partially-documented features of the PostgreSQL server. It helps you learn to apply the right solution at the right time, about avoiding risk, about making robust choices related to PostgreSQL dat

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PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts

This book is about POSTGRESQL, the most advanced open source database. From its origins in academia, POSTGRESQL has moved to the Internet with explosive growth. It is hard to believe the advances during the past four years under the guidance of a t

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The Internals of PostgreSQL

In this book, the internals of PostgreSQL for database administrators and system developers are described. The main purposes of this book are to explain how each subsystem works, and to provide the whole picture of PostgreSQL.If you are a PostgreSQ

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PostgreSQL 9.0 Reference Manual – Volume 1A: The SQL Language

This manual is part of the official reference documentation for PostgreSQL 9.0. It describes the SQL language specification as implemented by PostgreSQL, including syntax, data types, functions and operators, indexes and transactions. The new XML

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