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Game Theory

Game theory provides a powerful mathematical framework that can accommodate the preferences and requirements of various stakeholders in a given process as regards the outcome of the process. The chapters' contents in this book will give an impetus

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Game Theory: An Open Access Textbook with 165 Solved Exercises

This is a two-volume set that provides an introduction to non-cooperative Game Theory. Volume 1 covers the basic concepts, while Volume 2 is devoted to advanced topics.An introduction to game theory. Accessible to anybody with minimum knowledge of ma

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Game Theory Relaunched

The game is on. Do you know how to play? Game theory sets out to explore what can be said about making decisions which go beyond accepting the rules of a game. Since 1942, a well elaborated mathematical apparatus has been developed to do so; but th

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Algorithmic Game Theory

The subject matter of Algorithmic Game Theory covers many of the hottest area of useful new game theory research, introducing deep new problems, techniques, and perspectives that demand the attention of economists as well as computer scientists. Th

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