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Shattered Crystals

  • Category: History
  • Author: Mia Amalia Kanner
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages: 320

Read and download free Book intituled Shattered Crystals in format PDF written by By Mia Amalia Kanner.

In Shattered Crystals, Mia Amalia Kanner recounts the true story of her desperate struggle to save her family from annihilation in Nazi Germany and war-torn France. Yet this is much more than a Holocaust history. It is about a courageous Jewish woman who, on finding herself destitute, becomes a cook in a home for war-displaced Jewish children. She faces an agonizing choice. Is giving up her three young daughters necessary to save their lives?Mia's odyssey is also a love story of a remarkable woman who secures her husband's release from Buchenwald concentration camp. Then, during the darkest days of the war, he is arrested in France. Now she must find a way to save him from deportation to the death camps.Before Hitler, they had been an ordinary family. As Mia and her husband face ever increasing danger and persecution, readers find themselves asking, “What would I have done?”

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Shattered Crystals

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