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Shadows over Nothross

  • Category: Fantasy
  • Author: Urpo Lankinen
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages:

Read and download free Book intituled Shadows over Nothross in format PDF written by By Urpo Lankinen.

An evil magician conquers an elven city with his orc army. Reclaiming the place seems like an ordinary job for a group of adventurers. Perhaps it is. "Shadows over Nothross" is an unabashedly *ordinary* fantasy novella set in the world of Avarthrel. In this tale, a group of *ordinary* adventurers decide to do something entirely *ordinary*. High adventure in the northern frontier! Thrilling journeys in the elven woods! Talking! Plotting! Relationships! Discourse! Orcs biting steel! But don't worry – there's probably something here that warrants actual discussion too.

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Shadows over Nothross

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