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Semantic Web And Ontology

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Dhana Nandini
  • File type: PDF (107 pages, 13.1 MB)

Read and download free eBook intituled Semantic Web And Ontology in format PDF (107 pages, 13.1 MB) created by Dhana Nandini.

This book is intended for undergraduate engineering students who are interested in exploring the technology of Semantic web. The book simplifies the tough concepts associated with Semantic web and hence it can be considered as the base to build the knowledge about Web 3.0.

The book also discusses about the role of a very unique technology, JADE, in building Semantic web. In addition to this, the book also explains the way to implement a project in Semantic web. Hence, the book will project a great wave of influence on the students interested in implementing projects on research topics.

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Semantic Web And Ontology

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