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Programming with yab

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Michel Clasquin-Johnson

Read and download free eBook intituled Programming with yab in format created by Michel Clasquin-Johnson.

This book will teach you how to program in the yab programming language, one of the main platforms for writing applications for the Haiku Operating System.

The joy of yab is that it remains a procedural language, in which instructions are followed one by one, starting at the top. Despite that, you can do things with it for which you would normally require a much more complex object-oriented language. The object orientation is all hidden in the operating system, and the programming language simply accesses it. Once you become used to this, it is quite addictive.

For example, with yab you can create a basic notepad in about twenty lines of code. When you right-click on that notepad, you will see the options to cut, copy and paste text in a context menu, even though you never programmed it in. It is simply a necessary part of what every text editing area in Haiku needs to be able to do, and every text editing area inherits that ability. This is object orientation, but you, the yab programmer, don’t need to worry about the convoluted code it actually requires. This makes yab a unique programming experience. There are languages on other platforms that come close. Applescript, for example. But nothing is quite like yab.

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Programming with yab

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