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Programming Mac OS X with Cocoa for Beginners

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Read and download free eBook intituled Programming Mac OS X with Cocoa for Beginners in format PDF created by Wikipedia Contributors.

This book aims to provide beginners with an introduction to programming Mac OS X with Cocoa, using Xcode, the free developer tools provided with the operating system. Some knowledge of another programming language, preferably C, is assumed. The main guide is aimed at users of Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4, but programming techniques that can only be used with 10.4 are avoided until the end.

It introduces the three most commonly used Mac developer tools: Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments. It also covers the Objective-C language and the major design patterns of Cocoa. It illustrates his explanations with exemplary code, written in the idioms of the Cocoa community, to show you how Mac programs should be written. After reading this book, you will know enough to understand and utilize Apple’s online documentation for your own unique needs. And you will know enough to write your own stylish code.

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Programming Mac OS X with Cocoa for Beginners

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