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PowerShell Succinctly

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  • File type: : Multiple formats: PDF (91 pages, 2.11 MB), and Kindle

Read and download free eBook intituled PowerShell Succinctly in format : Multiple formats: PDF (91 pages, 2.11 MB), and Kindle created by .

PowerShell Succinctly highlights some of the PowerShell programming model’s many benefits, specifically for .NET developers and system administrators. Author Rui Machado guides readers through time-saving methods that simplify code testing by eliminating the need to create a new application in Visual Studio. Also included are tips for using additional services, such as PowerGui, WMI, and SQL Server, to get the most out of PowerShell.

Even if you don’t already use scripting languages to manage your machines, PowerShell Succinctly will show you just how easy it is to automate activities, work with databases, and interact with a variety of file types with this useful model.

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PowerShell Succinctly

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