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PHP 5 Power Programming

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Andi Gutmans, Stig S. Bakken, and Derick Rethans
  • Pages: 720 pages
  • Size: 9.39 MB

Read and download free eBook intituled PHP 5 Power Programming in format PDF – 720 pages created by Andi Gutmans, Stig S. Bakken, and Derick Rethans.

In this book, PHP 5’s co-creator and two leading PHP developers show you how to make the most of PHP 5’s industrial-strength enhancements in any project – no matter how large or complex. Their unique insights and realistic examples illuminate PHP 5’s new object model, powerful design patterns, improved XML Web services support, and much more. Whether you’re creating web applications, extensions, packages, or shell scripts, or migrating PHP 4 code – here are high-powered solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

Review PHP’s syntax and master its object-oriented capabilities – from properties and methods to polymorphism, interfaces, and reflection

If you’re a software developer new to PHP, you’ll leap quickly into PHP and its new object-oriented capabilities. If you’re an experienced PHP programmer, you already recognize PHP’s convenience and simplicity. Now, discover all of its extraordinary power!

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PHP 5 Power Programming

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