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Nitrogen in Agriculture

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  • Author: Dr. Amanullah
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Read and download free Book intituled Nitrogen in Agriculture in format PDF written by Dr. Amanullah.

Nitrogen is the most yield-restraining nutrient in crop production globally. Efficient nitrogen management is one of the most important factor for improving nitrogen use efficiency, field crops productivity and profitability. Topics covered includes: Inter and Intra Annual Variability of Nitrogen Concentrations in the Headwaters of the Mero River, Nitrogen Transformations Associated with N2O Emissions in Agricultural Soils, Controlled-Release Fertilizers as a Means to Reduce Nitrogen Leaching and Runoff in Container-Grown Plant Production, Effects of Heat Treatments on the Quality of Organic Wastes as a Nitrogen Fertilizer, Nitrogen Fixation and Transfer in Agricultural Production Systems, Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Rice, Prospects of N Fertilization in Medicinal Plants Cultivation

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Nitrogen in Agriculture


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