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Microsoft BizTalk Succinctly

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Rui Machado
  • File type: PDF (111 Pages, 2.1 MB), Kindle, etc.

Read and download free eBook intituled Microsoft BizTalk Succinctly in format PDF (111 Pages, 2.1 MB), Kindle, etc. created by Rui Machado.

BizTalk Server is a powerful platform that can be applied to multiple project types. It not only allows you to integrate data, use business rules engines, and monitor your business using its Business Activity Monitoring, it allows you to connect people, systems, and businesses using business processes and workflows.

In BizTalk Succinctly, author Rui Machado provides an insightful look at one of Microsoft’s most useful servers. After going over the BizTalk Server architecture and system requirements, you’ll quickly learn to map schemas, manage nodes and create custom pipelines and orchestrations. Detailed definition tables and step-by-step images are also provided to help you along the way.

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Microsoft BizTalk Succinctly

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