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Living History

  • Category: Fiction and Literature
  • Author: Ben Essex
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages: 115

Read and download free Book intituled Living History in format PDF written by By Ben Essex.

A story about clones, dinosaurs and the concept of Benjamin Franklin.Jacob White works for the Salmon Corporation. It's an easy job, provided you do what you're told and don't ask too many questions. Jacob is told to start bringing historical figures back to life, somehow- the details are up to him. He doesn't ask too many questions.It all seems straightforward enough, until White realises that his latest task is actually impossible. Faced with a choice between unacceptable failure and the world's most elabourate bluff, White opts for the latter. Unfortunately for him things are more complicated than they appear, and his lie will have terrible consequences. In the city-state of America Little, every idea has its price and every fantasy comes with a fee. For his great illusion, Jacob will find the cost laid out in blood and revolution.

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Living History

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