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Lectures on Linear Algebra and Matrices

  • Category: Mathematics
  • Author: G. Donald Allen
  • File type: PDF Files (238 pages in total)

Read and download free eBook intituled Lectures on Linear Algebra and Matrices in format PDF Files (238 pages in total) created by G. Donald Allen.

This book avoids the traditional definition-theorem-proof format; instead a fresh approach introduces a variety of problems and examples all in a clear and informal style. The in-depth focus on applications separates this book from others, and helps students to see how linear algebra can be applied to real-life situations. Some of the more contemporary topics of applied linear algebra are included here which are not normally found in undergraduate textbooks.

Theoretical developments are always accompanied with detailed examples, and each section ends with a number of exercises from which students can gain further insight. Moreover, the inclusion of historical information provides personal insights into the mathematicians who developed this subject. The textbook contains numerous examples and exercises, historical notes, and comments on numerical performance and the possible pitfalls of algorithms.

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Lectures on Linear Algebra and Matrices

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