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Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Fred Hebert
  • Pages: : 624 pages
  • File type: : HTML and PDF

Read and download free eBook intituled Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good! in format : HTML and PDF – : 624 pages created by Fred Hebert.

Erlang is the language of choice for programmers who want to write robust, concurrent applications, but its strange syntax and functional design can intimidate the uninitiated.

Erlang maestro Fred Hebert starts slow and eases you into the basics: You’ll learn about Erlang’s unorthodox syntax, its data structures, its type system (or lack thereof!), and basic functional programming techniques. Once you’ve wrapped your head around the simple stuff, you’ll tackle the real meat-and-potatoes of the language: concurrency, distributed computing, hot code loading, and all the other dark magic that makes Erlang such a hot topic among today’s savvy developers.

As you dive into Erlang’s functional fantasy world, you’ll learn about:

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Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

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