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Jan Newmarch’s Guide to JINI Technologies

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Jan Newmarch
  • Size: Online, HTML

Read and download free eBook intituled Jan Newmarch’s Guide to JINI Technologies in format PDF created by Jan Newmarch.

To understand Jini, imagine that you could move to a new office across the world or check into any hoteland could simply plug your notebook or Palm directly into the local network. Your device would immediately be recognized, and you would have access to the services at that locationtransparently. Jini is Sun’s Java-based technology, with potential to make transparent “universal plug and play” a reality.

This is the perfect guide for any Java programmer interested in learning and applying Jini toward their respective network applications (any Java-enabled device interoperable with another Java-enabled device).

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Jan Newmarch’s Guide to JINI Technologies

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