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Introduction to Web applications development

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Carles Mateu
  • File type: PDF, 376 Pages, 20.5MB

Read and download free eBook intituled Introduction to Web applications development in format PDF, 376 Pages, 20.5MB created by Carles Mateu.

This book starts with an introduction to the internet, including a brief history of the TCT/IP protocol and worldwide web. It defines the basic concepts for web servers and studies the case of Apache, the most used webserver, while other free software webservers are not forgotten. The course continues with webpage design focussing on HTML and JavaScript. XML Schemas, their validation and transformation are covered as well as dynamic webpages built with CGI, PHP or JSP and database access.

Webservices are software components that are accessible through SOAP and have their interface described with WSDL (Web Service Description Language). In this section the XML-RPC protocol is discussed among other things.

The last part of the course deals with configuration, maintenance, monitoring and security aspects.

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Introduction to Web applications development


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