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How Music and Mathematics Relate

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  • Author: David Kung
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Read and download free eBook intituled How Music and Mathematics Relate in format : PDF created by David Kung.

Gain new perspective on two of the greatest achievements of human culture – music and math – and the fascinating connections that will help you more fully appreciate the intricacies of both.

Great minds have long sought to understand the relationship between music and mathematics. On the surface, they seem very different. Music delights the senses and can express the most profound emotions, while mathematics appeals to the intellect and is the model of pure reasoning.

Yet music and mathematics are connected in fundamental ways. Both involve patterns, structures, and relationships. Both generate ideas of great beauty and elegance. Music is a fertile testing ground for mathematical principles, while mathematics explains the sounds instruments make and how composers put those sounds together. Moreover, the practitioners of both share many qualities, including abstract thinking, creativity, and intense focus.

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How Music and Mathematics Relate

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