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Hadoop Succinctly

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Elton Stoneman
  • File type: HTML, PDF (102 pages, 1.20 MB), ePub, MOBI

Read and download free eBook intituled Hadoop Succinctly in format HTML, PDF (102 pages, 1.20 MB), ePub, MOBI created by Elton Stoneman.

An Apache open source project, Hadoop stores huge amounts of data in safe, reliable storage and runs complex queries over data in an efficient way. It is at the core of a whole host of the most popular Big Data tools. Mastering Hadoop ensures you get the best out of all these tools and better insight from your data.

This booky explains how Hadoop works, what goes on in the cluster, demonstrates how to move data in and out of Hadoop, and how to query it efficiently. It also walks through a Java MapReduce example, illustrates how to write the same query in Python and .NET, and discusses the wider Hadoop ecosystem.

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Hadoop Succinctly

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