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GNU C Library Application Fundamentals

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Sandra Loosemore, et al
  • Pages: 652 pages
  • File type: PDF, 3.43 MB

Read and download free eBook intituled GNU C Library Application Fundamentals in format PDF, 3.43 MB – 652 pages created by Sandra Loosemore, et al.

Book Description

A comprehensive guide to implementing the standard C libraries which are both POSIX & OPEN/X compliant. Contains the most commonly used functions, such as: opening, reading, and closing files; screen I/O; performing math; character and string manipulation; and memory allocation. Contains code examples and usage recommendations. Every programmer, from first year students to experienced programmers, will find this book useful.

Note: This is part of a 2-volume set. The other title is GNU C Library: System & Network Applications.

Davidson is a freelance author, speaker, and software consultant, focusing on Mac OS X, Java, and XML technologies.

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GNU C Library Application Fundamentals


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