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Functional PHP: The Art of Functional Composition

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Luis Atencio

Read and download free eBook intituled Functional PHP: The Art of Functional Composition in format created by Luis Atencio.

Learn to use PHP in ways you never knew you could. Functional Programming offers a fundamental shift in the way you design your applications by focusing on the use and composition of pure functions to create programs that are robust, extensible, testable, and easy to reason about.

In this book, the author provides a practical approach to functional programming and show how it compares to other programming paradigms (procedural and object-oriented). This book is filled with examples that showcase functional concepts and techniques, plus using PHP in a ways you’ve probably never though it could.

The PHP community has come a long way since the early starts of PHP mainly as a procedural, imperative language. Now, since PHP 5 you’ve become a Object-Oriented (OO) developer. You take advantage of abstract classes and interfaces to properly implement the guiding principles of polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. All of this comes into play when building rich domain models utilizing all of the coolest design patterns. Having learned all this, have you been able to reduce the development effort of building large enterprise web applications? Certainly. But is complexity still an issue and bugs frequent? Is your application easy to unit test? How reusable is your code?

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Functional PHP: The Art of Functional Composition

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