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Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption

  • Category: Fiction and Literature
  • Author: Albert Berg
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages: 204

Read and download free Book intituled Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption in format PDF written by By Albert Berg.

Throughout her childhood Ella Eris dreamed of leaving the tiny town of Caelum and finding adventure in the world outside. But when she took the strange ring from the hand of a dead man, she found herself thrust into a perilous adventure beyond anything she could have ever imagined. Now, with everything she has ever known crumbling around her, and an unearthly enemy hot on her heals, Ella is quickly learning that the outside world can be a treacherous and hostile place, and that adventure is often a deadly undertaking.

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Ella Eris and the Pirates of Redemption

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