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Delver Magic I: Sanctum’s Breach

  • Category: Adventure
  • Author: Jeff Inlo
  • License: Creative common
  • Pages: 484

Read and download free Book intituled Delver Magic I: Sanctum’s Breach in format PDF written by By Jeff Inlo.

A rolling tremor passes through the land of Uton signaling a return of long absent magic. Ryson Acumen, purebred delver, senses these changes and learns the Sphere of Ingar is free from its tomb. As violent creatures return to shred the very fabric of reality, the sphere gains awareness and spews corrupt energies to obliterate all life. The talisman must be destroyed, but the path remains defended by devices forged long ago. Those that wish to defeat the sphere must not only overcome these barriers, they must conquer the mistrust which has flourished between the races during the period of separation.

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Delver Magic I: Sanctum’s Breach

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