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Computer Vision

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Xiong Zhihui
  • Pages: 548 pages
  • File type: PDF Files

Read and download free eBook intituled Computer Vision in format PDF Files – 548 pages created by Xiong Zhihui.

This book is a hands-on introduction to computer vision using Python.

This book presents research trends on computer vision, especially on application of robotics, and on advanced approachs for computer vision (such as omnidirectional vision). Among them, research on RFID technology integrating stereo vision to localize an indoor mobile robot is included in this book.

Besides, this book includes many research on omnidirectional vision, and the combination of omnidirectional vision with robotics. This book features representative work on the computer vision, and it puts more focus on robotics vision and omnidirectioal vision. The intended audience is anyone who wishes to become familiar with the latest research work on computer vision, especially its applications on robots. The contents of this book allow the reader to know more technical aspects and applications of computer vision. Researchers and instructors will benefit from this book.

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Computer Vision

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