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Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts, 3rd Edition

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Morris Rosenthal
  • Pages: : 170 pages
  • Size: HTML

Read and download free eBook intituled Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts, 3rd Edition in format PDF – : 170 pages created by Morris Rosenthal.

Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts presents a visual expert system for diagnosing component failure and identifying conflicts. The seventeen diagnostic flowcharts at the core of this book are intended for the intermediate to advanced hobbyist, or the beginning technician. Following a structured approach to troubleshooting hardware reduces the false diagnoses and parts wastage typical of the “swap ’till you drop” school of thought.

In revising this book for the third edition, we continued support for legacy hardware to the extent that space allows. The text is expanded approximately 50% over the previous edition, with many new decision points on the flowcharts and changes in the decision trees. In some instances, the newer PCs are much simpler from a hardware perspective than the older PCs, so there was no need to drop troubleshooting steps to make room for newer, more common hardware issues.

Flowcharts include: Power Supply Failure, Video Failure, Video Performance, Motherboard, CPU, RAM Failure, Motherboard, CPU, RAM Performance,ATA Drive Failure, Hard Drive Boot and Performance, CD, DVD or Blu-ray Playback, CD or DVD Recording Problem, Modem Failure, Modem Performance, Sound Failure, Sound and Game Controller Performance, Network Hardware Failure, Peripheral Failure, SAS SCSI Failure, and Conflict Resolution.

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Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts, 3rd Edition

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