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Compiler Design in C

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Allen I. Holub
  • Pages: 924 pages,
  • File type: PDF (986 pages, 18.3 MB)

Read and download free eBook intituled Compiler Design in C in format PDF (986 pages, 18.3 MB) – 924 pages, created by Allen I. Holub.

Introduces the basics of compiler design, concentrating on the second pass (in a typical four-pass compiler), consisting of a lexical analyzer, parser, and a code generator. Uses the C language. Appropriate for compiler courses in CS departments.

For students, working engineers and programmers, this book teaches real-world compiler design concepts and implementation. The text dedicates the first chapter to an overview of the basic concepts in C programming, and presents a complete C compiler, including the complete sources for three compiler-generation tools (written in ANSI C).

It also uses LeX and yacc to develop a complete C compiler, and includes a chapter dedicated to the coverage of C++ topics and features.

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Compiler Design in C

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