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Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison

  • Category: Computer
  • Author: Anthony A. Aaby
  • File type: PDF (102 pages, 378 KB)

Read and download free eBook intituled Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison in format PDF (102 pages, 378 KB) created by Anthony A. Aaby.

This is a guide to compiler construction using compiler’s compiler tools like Flex and Bison. Using both tools, you can focus on the concept of compiler without the hassle of building a compiler from scratch. Still, you are required to be fluent in C programming in order to use both tools and the generated C code should be compiled using a pure ANSI C compiler like GCC (GNU Compiler Collection).

It details the techniques and methods used to implement the different phases of the compiler with the help of FLEX and YACC tools. The topics in the book are systematically arranged to help students understand and write reliable programs in FLEX and YACC. The uses of these tools are amply demonstrated through more than a hundred solved programs to facilitate a thorough understanding of theoretical implementations discussed.

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Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison

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