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Abstract Algebra

  • Category: Mathematic
  • Author: Irena Swanson
  • Pages: 102
  • File type: PDF

Read and download free Book intituled Abstract Algebra in format PDF written by Irena Swanson.

This note covers the following topics: Groups, Bijections, Commutativity, Frequent groups and groups with names, Subgroups, Group generators, Plane groups, Orders of groups and elements, One-generated subgroups, Permutation groups, Group homomorphisms, Group isomorphisms, RSA public key encryption scheme, Centralizer and the class equation, Normal subgroups, The isomorphism theorems, Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups, Quotient rings, Prime ideals and maximal ideals, Unique factorization domains, Modules, Fields, Splitting fields, Derivatives in algebra.

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Abstract Algebra by Irena Swanson


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